#9: Ready Player One

Do you have trouble making sense of the Matrix? What if you approached everyone around you as if they were a computer player in the video game of life? Sri and System of a Down illuminate this and other subjects.


show notes

  • Mea culpa: I attributed a quote in the episode to Michael Jordan that actually belongs to Wayne Gretzky. 
  • Toxicity by System of a Down (Spotify)
    • Edo Notarloberti: classical cover #1 (piano heard in episode fill) (Youtube)
    • Benete Silva: classical cover #2 (strings heard in episode fill) (Youtube)
  • Threw It On the Ground by The Lonely Island (starring Andy Samberg) (Youtube)
  • Don’t Hate the Playa by Ice T (Youtube)

Video game-esque alarm fill courtesy of ifartinurgeneraldirection (“nuclear alarm” via freesound.org). 

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