#63: Jump Off the Mountain with Alok Chanani

EXPLICIT EPISODE: If you have kids in the car, we hope you’ll choose another.

Army combat vet and VC-backed entrepreneur Alok Chanani talks about leadership lessons from the warzone to the board room. 

Alok led a critical team carrying duffle bags of cash in helicopters and humvees around Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

He is the cofounder and CEO of BuildOps, a software platform revolutionizing the construction contracting industry.  

On this episode Sri and Alok talk about…

* being a minority in the military 
* whether an MBA is worth it
* what qualities he hires for (and doesn't!) 
* what it really takes to start your own venture

Connect with Sri on Instagram: @sri_the_warrior_poet  + @sri_actually 

Intro and/or outro music in most episodes is by Paul Sridhar ( Spotify ). 

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