#45: Free Radical

This is not a political podcast. Sri’s been “clean” from politics for years. But he takes a break to explain why he’s not voting in the imminent election. Plus, curated covers of one of the best pop-rock songs of the 90s.

EXPLICIT EPISODE: If you have kids in the car, we hope you’ll choose another.

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  • Academic paper: What is a free radical? (link)
  • Rocked reviews the New Radicals album Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too [sic] on Youtube. (Leave a comment, and tell him we sent you 🙂
  • The classic 90s song ‘You Get What You Give’ by New Radicals:
  • Music Discovery Club reviews the album with songwriter Matt Farley. One of them *totally* disagrees with me on the title track (my video link starts when they discuss this song).

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