#21: Trading in Souls

“Investing in people” makes hiring and development sound lofty and idealistic. Sri thinks the reality is more like risk-averse speculation… in souls.

Sri traded commodities derivatives on Wall Street and compares/contrasts that work with recruiting candidates into your company. Hiring is rife with inefficiencies and misplaced incentives. Sri highlights a number of opportunity areas for innovation in that process.

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  • The book Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahnemann
  • My article on hiring related to this episode 
  • The origin of my paraphrase “data is a horrible master” is P.T. Barnum (the circus guy), who said “Money is a wonderful slave but a horrible master.”
  • Correction: I said in the episode that the painting might have been called  “the island of lost souls.” It’s more simple than that. The title is “Isle of the Dead” by Arnold Böcklin (Wikipedia)
    • Watch the very short movie I mentioned about “Isle of the Dead” – it’s worth it but EXPLICIT language-wise. 
    • The Montreal museum where I saw the movie is Phi. Check it out if you head there.

Intro and/or outro music in most episodes is by Paul Sridhar (Spotify). 

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