Humans have a visceral need to mold their environment, even if it means mindlessly mowing the lawn. Sri introduces the concept of Hobbit problems and wages an internal battle over strongly worded letters to the gym. Radiohead’s “Little By Little” serves as a warning to us all. Plus, Sri rants about fruit and Ross from Friends.


So… who actually *is* Nestor Carbonell? Like Jeff Fahey, he played an interesting character on Lost. Top 42 Lost characters (IMDB)  

Meet Chris Kattan if you haven’t already.  

Radiohead’s performance of “Little By Little” on From the Basement: Youtube

Stephen King’s suit against New Line Cinema over Lawnmower Man 

Rid yourself of Gollum like Smiegel did in this scene from Lord of the Rings.  

You must read Sapiens by Yuval Hariri.  

The best car phone mount I’ve been able to find: MPOW (Amazon)

Errata: The Bush song “Little Things” is actually on their first studio album, Sixteen Stone, not on Razorblade Suitcase as Sri speculated.  

Bananas are actually berries!  Wikipedia 

Are almonds not if not what are they [sic] 

More on fruit abortions to make them seedless: 

(One of the above mentions the term “banana pups” lol.)  

Circular paleontology logic in Nat Geo:  

Intro music by Paul Sridhar (Spotify).

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