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#67: Selling Out with Frank Cespedes

Sri talks with author and professor Frank Cespedes about sales, strategy, and leadership.  Frank Cespedes is a Senior Lecturer in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School.  He currently teaches the elective Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing (ESM) course in the MBA program as well as modules in the...

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#66: Redefining Beauty with Katia Beauchamp

Sri talks with entrepreneur Katia Beauchamp about what she learned about leadership (and herself!) while upending the beauty industry. Katia is the cofounder of Birchbox, which raised $90 million in venture funding and was valued at one time at half a billion dollars. Katia shares her thoughts on the...

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#65: Searching for Attributes with Rich Diviney

Should you hire for skills or innate qualities? On this episode Sri interviews Rich Diviney, highly accomplished career SEAL officer and author of the book The Attributes. Rich makes the case that skills are a poor predictor of success, especially during times of stress or uncertainty.  notes The Attributes...

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  • What’s your pain discount rate?

    Poked and prodded I love Persian accents. They’re unique and pleasant to the ear (at least for me). Hard to replicate.  I was at the doctor’s yesterday. Young guy. Friendly. Persian. Four needles were staring back at me. Waiting patiently to fulfill their destinies.  “How do you handle these?” he asks.  “Generally you put the...

  • Questioning the ‘five-people’ advice of Jim Rohn

    The first time I showed up, he did this thing with his arms across the room. Each one was raised up, horizontal at his side, fingers outstretched. He just left them there. Big smile on his face.

    He wanted a hug.

  • Builder vs. Artist

    The distinction is harder than you think “I’m a builder. I like to build things.” She says this with an impressive resume and a glowing smile. The smile is genuine, but she might as well be the cat who swallowed the canary. I as the interviewer am supposed to like to hear things like this....