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There are two kinds of boredom, but only one is good for you 🙂 Hat tip to Maria Popova at Brainpickings, who writes frequently about the benefits of boredom in general. Highly recommend her site! This episode is part of the 4 Minutes Underwater series (4MUW). notes The Joy...

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70s rock giants The Who help Sri explain nervous energy in organizations. This episode is part of the “4 Minutes Underwater” series (4MUW). notes The rock opera Quadrophenia by the Who   (Prime Video) Album explanation  (Wikipedia) Outro: cover by Bank Street Band & The Hunterdon Symphony  (support them...

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Sri discusses how our decision-making models get outdated as we increase our experience in this second edition of our “4 Minutes Underwater” minisode series (4MUW). notes The book Decisive by Chip and Dan Heath (Amazon) Connect with Sri on Instagram: @sri_the_warrior_poet  + @sri_actually  Intro and/or outro music in most...

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