How to play product manager

A primer for the easiest job around (for those who don’t do it) Acting the Part | Credit: Kyle Head A conundrum I tell everyone that product management is common sense. Yet you probably need this guide to do it. Until you can reconcile this, you have much to learn. Step 1: Gird thyself Product management (PM) can…

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How you name products matters

Clowns-as-a-Service is gonna be huge. Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash Clowns-as-a-Service At more than one company, I have been called “the namer of things” or “He who names things.” (Okay, I capitalized “H” myself.) In a recent conversation with a product colleague, we discussed an idea that he and several others had been touting for almost…

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How to get laid… off.

“A low shot…” by ALP STUDIO on Unsplash A gnat committed suicide in my eye last night. That was in the 5th inning of a playoff baseball game. There were bugs everywhere. The home team was trailing. My son Casey scored the tying run. No, his name’s not actually Casey. They won. They’re the Nationals. The…

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