Thought, and other crimes

Martin Sheen and a romantic military trope explain corporate reality 1st Lieutenant Rowan spent eight days on horseback traversing the mountains of Cuba, though I like picturing him in the jungle | Credit: Mike Blank Harvard Business School graduates consider themselves extremely entitled. Or so the reputation goes. Yet the same is said of millennials or,…

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Squirrels teach us about office manipulators

What squirrels can teach us about office manipulators “highway road photo” by Alexandre Godreau on Unsplash Once I got run over once, the temptation was to become hyperaware of this new reality. I began to see specters where none existed. Toast Protocol An oncoming car approaches. After a moment of frozen panic, a squirrel usually darts towards…

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How to get laid… off.

“A low shot…” by ALP STUDIO on Unsplash A gnat committed suicide in my eye last night. That was in the 5th inning of a playoff baseball game. There were bugs everywhere. The home team was trailing. My son Casey scored the tying run. No, his name’s not actually Casey. They won. They’re the Nationals. The…

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