Sri helps you get the most out of your people, applying Friedrich Hayek’s concept of “local knowledge” to companies with the help of “that ‘copacetic’ song.” The movie ‘American Psycho’ is discussed in the same breath as an articulation of why corporate promotions are a confidence game.

Coincidence? Perhaps not.


Select songs and music videos by Local H: 

  • “Bound for the Floor” (“that ‘copacetic’ song”): Youtube
  • “Eddie Vedder” (“as good as dead”): Spotify, Youtube
  • Cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes” (Spotify)
  • Cover of Lorde’s “Team”: Spotify, Youtube  
  • High-Fiving MF (EXPLICIT) — Not mentioned in the episode but still worth a listen: Spotify

Hayek: The Use of Knowledge in Society  

David Henderson’s article on Hayek’s seminal article in EconLib 

Ronald Coase: “Nature of the Firm”: Wikipedia 

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