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#66: Redefining Beauty with Katia Beauchamp

Sri talks with entrepreneur Katia Beauchamp about what she learned about leadership (and herself!) while upending the beauty industry. Katia is the cofounder of Birchbox, which raised $90 million in venture funding and was valued at one time at half a billion dollars. Katia shares her thoughts on the...

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#65: Searching for Attributes with Rich Diviney

Should you hire for skills or innate qualities? On this episode Sri interviews Rich Diviney, highly accomplished career SEAL officer and author of the book The Attributes. Rich makes the case that skills are a poor predictor of success, especially during times of stress or uncertainty.  notes The Attributes...

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#64: Never Enough with Mike Hayes

Mike Hayes is the former commanding officer of SEAL Team TWO and the author of “Never Enough.” He was a White House Fellow and subsequently Chief Operating Officer at Ray Dalio's hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates.  He currently serves as the Chief Digital Transformation Officer at VMware. He was held...

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